The rapidly growing City of Pompano Beach in updating its comprehensive plan. The update, which includes creative public engagement activities, is focused on climate vulnerability and resiliency planning, redevelopment opportunities, mobility improvements, and expanding housing choice.

CGA has done extensive public outreach and engagement as part of this process, including conducting stakeholder interviews and focus groups; publishing an article in the Citywide magazine; using mass emails and social media platforms; extensively distributing flyers and displaying project posters; advertising through City channels; and holding an initial open house.

Tamarac Corridor Study

The Redevelopment Study focused on key commercial areas within Tamarac. Three primary areas of opportunity were identified with unique marketing, economic development, urban design and land use strategies.

The study included planning and design strategies intent on:

(a) positioning the City’s commercial areas to be more competitive for redevelopment opportunities;

(b) identifying current and future market demand within the City’s commercial areas;

(c) identifying the ten-year potential for key uses and activities within the City;

(d) recommending zoning patterns to promote sustainable transit-oriented development principles; and

(e) reflecting green principles for redevelopment.

The final study provided recommendations to target specific market sectors and made recommendations to better situate the City in a highly competitive redevelopment market, with a focus on increasing economy, live-work, livability, walkability, sustainability and aesthetic qualities to serve as attractors for commercial investment and a new generation of home-buyers.

City of Tamarac Corridor Study CGA Solutions