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Creating vibrant communities

Since 1996, Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) has been providing award-winning Landscape Architecture and Urbanism services.

As your partner, our team supports growth and development that is efficient, compliant, orderly, and attractive. We’re here to help you improve service delivery, ensure design continuity, reduce costs, and make communities safer through better execution of a variety of landscaping needs.

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Stay ahead of best practices

As communities face new challenges, we are continually expanding our service offerings to meet the many specific needs that arise.

This has included adapting cities and individual properties for the impacts of climate change and increasing resilience. We also help communities navigate the challenges brought on by urbanization and the limited availability of public space.

We can deliver these as a set of stand-alone services; however, the benefits of these are realized when provided in concert with our in-house, comprehensive, and integrated multidisciplinary services delivered by innovative designers, engineers, site planners, and LEED Accredited Professionals.

Landscape Architecture Services

  • Arborist & Tree Mitigation Services
  • Design & Development of Landscape Planting Plans
  • Digital Design Services & 3-D Visual Modeling
  • Graphic Design and Presentation
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Hardscape Design
  • Historic Landscape Preservation
  • Landscape Installation Inspection Services
  • Landscape & Site Planning
  • Municipal Landscape Code Development
  • Municipal Review & Inspection Services
  • Recreational Facilities Design
  • Site Analysis Evaluations
  • Site Feasibility Studies

Creative ideas from seasoned professionals

We take special care to evaluate all conditions when developing custom approaches for each individual project. Our in-house technical experts will ensure that all functional components of each design solution can be implemented and constructed consistent with the vision.

Our vast experience coordinating with other design consultants also extends beyond those we provide in-house. We often collaborate with outside professionals including architects, civil and environmental engineers, and planners. Our goal is to always offer our expertise and capabilities to satisfy and meet the goals of the designs and solutions being proposed.

CGA employees wearing hard hats talking

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