Project Weston Comprehensive Plan 01

Projects Weston, FL Comprehensive Plan

CGA was entrusted with the development and adoption of the first local comprehensive plan for the City of Weston, which was incorporated in 1996. This comprehensive plan included various elements, such as goals, objectives, and policies, alongside procedures for monitoring and evaluations essential for capital improvement implementation. CGA also created all required maps for the plan, leveraging the expertise of their in-house GIS Coordinator. To ensure community involvement, two public workshop meetings were conducted, gathering valuable input for the comprehensive plan. Following this, CGA successfully transmitied all necessary elements to the State of Florida, securing approval.

In 2007, CGA undertook the task of preparing the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update Report and subsequently completed the necessary Comprehensive Plan Amendments in 2009. These amendments updated the plan in accordance with the requirements of SB360 (2005) and HB697 (2008). Beyond these amendments, CGA’s role in comprehensive planning for the City of Weston extended to the preparation of the Water Supply Facilities Work Plan, the Public School Facilities Element, and the annual updates to the Capital Improvements.