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Projects Delray Beach SW 9th Avenue & SW 1st Street

CGA designed and oversaw the construction of this public park site to also serve as public parking for the local neighborhood. Enhanced by native trees and shrubs and carpeted by pervious pavers, the new public space is resolving parking needs in the West Neighborhood area within the CRA district. This resilient design is also reducing pollution, energy costs and emission of greenhouse gases. The parking lot component utilizes “green design,” consisting of pervious pavers, decorative LED lighting, and low-volume irrigation. This project continues Delray Beach’s cutting-edge leadership in sustainable solutions. Additionally, this site provides a tot lot for the local community and includes both adult fitness equipment. The concept specifically was designed with CPTED principles to encourage close surveillance by the parents and neighbors. A roundabout was included in the right of way as a traffic calming device for greater safety. The parking area covers two blocks which includes a “zig-zag” design for traffic calming and to discourage cut through traffic.