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From design through certification

For each project we undertake, our inspectors and construction engineers will perform a Constructability Analysis of the plans. This may include making suggestions to the engineer during the design phase through our vetted Quality Assurance/Quality Control process.

Once permits are issued, our staff assists in the advertisement, bidding, and award process to select the contractor and set the pre-construction meeting. The inspector then follows the project through construction to final certification and close-out.

The Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) Construction Services team acts as the eyes and ears for the engineer in the field, with daily reports provided to the owner and engineer to ensure that timely and quality work is performed.

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Project administration

Our staff coordinates among owner, contractor, engineer, and permitting agencies to initiate project commencement, and to ensure that schedules are followed.

Efficient problem analysis and solving in the field is essential to minimize any delays in schedules. So, our coordination extends to project submittals and review, progress meetings and reports, schedule monitoring, inquiry response, punch list payment, application reviews and processing, and project certification and close-out.

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Inspections & observations

We observe the installation of civil related improvements including:

  • Roadway construction
  • Street lighting & traffic signal installation
  • Striping & signage installation
  • Seawall & gravity wall construction
  • Pump station & controls construction
  • Concrete & asphalt paving
  • Sidewalk and hardscape installation
  • Earthwork & grading
  • Water, sewer & drainage systems including pressure testing, lamping, exfiltration tests & lift station start-ups
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Project certification

Related efforts to the project certification and close-out include:

  • Final inspection
  • Final quantities determination
  • Final Change Order preparation and processing
  • Coordination of permit close-out submittals
  • Warranty documentation
  • Training coordination
  • Review as-builts
  • Processing submittals & certifications to appropriate agencies & owner
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