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Projects Broward County EOC Library Park Master Plan

In response to Broward County’s desire to reconfigure their Emergency Operation Center (EOC), CGA reconceptualized the spaces in between the various other buildings (including the County Courthouse and a branch of the County Library System) in the campus setup as a series of socialized spaces. These were sized and detailed to operate as event spaces to accommodate uses such as program uses that could be organized by the Library (book fairs, reading sessions, author-meets, etc.) or events that could be organized by greater community services, such as fresh food market, antique fair, and other such public-use events. Considerations for these were the quality and branding of the environment and embedding security features into the design so that the space could be defensible given the sensitive nature of the program uses of the various campus buildings. Lastly, access driveways and parking areas were detailed and conceived in manners that increased their flexibility of use and application, so that they could, on a low-intensity use period or during an event, could function as a use-area and not ‘feel’ like a road or parking lot.