Cattlemen's Square Landscape Architecture

Projects Cattlemen’s Square Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

CGA’s Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Department was selected to work with the City of Okeechobee under a continuing services contract. The main project is the renovation and improvement to the Main Street parks which consist of seven smaller parks or squares. Each of these areas have a different theme and the first priority was the Cattlemen’s Square. The park’s committee wanted to include bronze sculptures depicting a cattle drive that would reflect the rich heritage of cattle ranching in the community.

Our firm worked with the selected artist to arrange the sculptures (ten pieces in total) and coordinate the installation and lighting effects for each one of them. We also designed new walkways, benches, seating areas, informational signage, landscaping, and irrigation.

Our team of CGA professionals worked together to capture a design that delivers a beautiful public space where residents and visitors can enjoy the City at its best but also celebrate the wonderful cultural traditions of the cattle ranching community.

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