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Building Department Code Compliance & Enforcement

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Maximize compliance and maintain safety

Code enforcement is your jurisdiction’s method of ensuring that its own established and adopted community standards are complied with, and given an opportunity to work as intended.

Gaining compliance with local citizens, property owners, and businesses through public information, education, outreach, effective communication skills, diplomatic negotiating, reasonable interpretation, and when necessary, formal enforcement and prosecution, are all key elements of successful code compliance operations.

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Code Compliance & Enforcement Services

  • Land Use Inspections
  • Property Maintenance Inspections
  • Rental Housing Inspections
  • Special Magistrate Services
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Experts who know your community

Our main goal in any Code Compliance Department is to increase the productivity of each staff member by identifying inefficiencies and optimizing these areas of improvement.

With the use of software, staff vehicles, and mobile hardware, we enable officers to remain in the field for 95% of their day, where they are most needed and effective.

Why outsource your code staff?

When you bring in our Florida experts, your community will benefit significantly from:

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Improved staff operating efficiencies
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Current, real-time data availability to staff and public
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Shorter processing times to achieve code compliance
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Improved customer service and education, including reduced complaints
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Data storage and recordkeeping automation
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Increased overall resident and municipality staff satisfaction
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Looking to better enforce local standards?

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