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The City of Weston approached CGA with the idea to design and develop a passive park on six acres of land located adjacent to the new Weston Branch of the Broward County Library. The City received a small grant from the State of Florida, Division of Recreation and Parks to assist with the development of the park. CGA oversaw all aspects of the development of the park from the conceptual design and site details to the permitting, bidding and construction. CGA designed a strong connection between the park and the Library. A paved walkway leads visitors from the Library directly to a large circular fountain and the “Ring of Florida Authors.” The low walk and seating area contain 20 bronze plaques highlighting the literary works of famous authors and playwrights with a connection to Florida. In addition, there is a series of gazebos with terraced seating to accommodate groups of up to 40 people in size. The design of the park also features a “walk of discovery,” consisting of a series of 10 bronze plaques inlaid in the park’s meandering sidewalk that depicts the history of the area dating back to the Tequesta Indians.