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Projects Doral Boulevard Streetscape Master Plan

CGA prepared the Doral Boulevard Streetscape Master Plan for NW 36/41st Street to guide the character of the boulevard over the following 2 generations. The master plan addresses issues both of the planning and beautification nature. The plan establishes the guidelines for urban development fronting the boulevard, determining building heights, massing characteristics, sidewalk amenities, and it established the parameters through which a pedestrian-friendly environment can be created. Additionally, the master plan establishes a beautification palette consisting of street furniture, paving styles, plant palettes, and architectural features at strategic points for the creation of gateways and determinant of a sense of place. An important aspect of the project is the planning of a consistent branding strategy with the use of landscape buffer design, gateway designs, city entrance designs off of both the Turnpike and the Palmetto Expressway, and a coherent theme consistent with the various urban and sub-urban qualities present along the 4-mile corridor’s stretch.