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Projects Guy Davis Community Park Conceptual Design

The CGA design team’s approach to the City’s call for qualifications was to propose a design solution that not only provided for the requirements listed within the RFP’s solicitation, but also pushed beyond the notions of the project simply as a sports complex, and instead approached the project with the intent of providing a holistic strategy that speaks to the potential of the project area and the need for the improvements to remain relevant to the community even when the sports fields are not in immediate use. Therefore, the approach consisted of four main themes:

  • Increasing interaction by developing a connected system of spaces that contribute to the heart of the community by creating a system of indispensable, inter-connected gathering spaces;
  • Providing a multiscale, sustainable solution to community design and site development that seeks to minimize and manage stormwater through Low Impact Development and use it as an opportunity to educate and demonstrate the importance of water conservation and natural processes;
  • Maximizing connectivity through trail systems that provide a circuited-loop with a design detailing that will seek to hone key skills such as physical, social, and cognitive functions; and
  • Taking steps to preserve the existing plant communities and site drainage to shape the character and identity of the park to its community.