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Our team provides comprehensive Traffic Engineering Services including Traffic Operations, Traffic Safety, Traffic Design, and Traffic Review Services.

Using our diligent process, your analysis and design will include a balance of all modes of transportation while aligning with the goals, objectives, and safety of your community.

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01Traffic Operations Services

Our traffic engineers look to maximize traffic efficiency and safety while minimizing inconvenience and congestion on the national, state, and local transportation network. That includes innovations for all transportation users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists who use the transportation network.

Modernize your traffic operations

We actively pursue the use of the latest industry technology to achieve the goal of efficient traffic operations through the implementation of Advanced Traffic Management Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems for the state and local government agencies.

We are a recognized leader in traffic analysis by developing and using macroscopic and microscopic simulation models with Synchro/SimTraffic, HCS+, VISSIM, and CORSIM to keep traffic flow moving with minimal conflicts, which creates optimal travel time.

How we can help

  • Access Management Studies
  • Arterial Link Analysis
  • Congestion Management Process
  • Design Traffic Forecasting
  • Parking Studies — Parking Utilization, Shared Parking Analysis
  • Project Trip Generation, Trip Distribution, Trip Assignment & Internalization
  • Queuing Analysis & Studies
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Modeling & Simulation
  • Traffic Signal Retiming Studies — Traffic Signal Optimization & Operational Analysis
  • Transit Signal Studies
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Turn Lane Warrant Analysis

02Traffic Safety Services

Our traffic engineers look to develop and implement innovative methods, materials, and technologies for transportation network safety.

Our traffic engineers have worked closely with FDOT, MPOs, and local agencies in Florida to establish and develop data-driven solutions to safety issues in the transportation system.

Work with a recognized leader

CGA is a recognized leader in identifying and managing safety issues by developing and using safety analysis tools such as Signal Four Analytics, the Highway Safety Manual, PEDSAFE, and BIKESAFE. We are committed to using the appropriate data collection and analysis strategies to determine the countermeasures and prioritization for implementation.

How we can help

  • Safety Planning & Analysis
  • Crash Data Management & Analysis
  • High Crash Location Review
  • Roadway Safety Audits
  • Pedestrian Safety Studies
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Action Plans
  • Qualitative Assessment
  • Strategic Highway Safety Plans

03Traffic Design Services

CGA traffic engineers provide design solutions that consider traffic operations, traffic safety, context sensitivity, and constructability within the transportation infrastructure network. Our traffic design knowledge complements the roadway and public transportation design services already offered to state and local government agencies, as well as private developers.

Bringing customized solutions to local communities

We are a recognized leader in traffic signal design, pavement marking and signage design, and neighborhood traffic calming design solutions such as traffic circles, roundabouts, and speed tables. Our engineers evaluate each traffic design project from a constructibility perspective to ensure that the design solutions are customized and implementable.

How we can help

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Pavement Marking & Signage Design
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming Design
  • Roundabout & Traffic Circle Design
  • Midblock Crosswalk Design
  • Safe Routes to School Design
  • Corridor Improvement Concept Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic/Traffic Control Design
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Design

04Traffic Review Services

CGA traffic engineers have the skill set to provide enhanced and specialized traffic engineering review services to state and local government agencies on a continuing basis. We have a long history of providing Cost Recovery Traffic Engineering Review Services including analyzing and providing comments to development’s site plans, traffic and parking studies, and methodology statements to determine the regional impact of the development.

Helping you present and navigate traffic projects

Our services include attendance at municipal staff and DRC meetings to provide transportation- and parking-related feedback, and to make presentations at meetings held by Agency Staff, Development Review Committees, Planning and Zoning Boards, Board of Adjustments, Municipal Commissions, Government Agencies, Neighborhood Associations, Business Associations, Civic Groups, or other stakeholders.

How we can help

  • Development Services
  • Traffic Impact Study & Parking Study Review
  • Site Planning & Design Review
  • Site Access & Traffic Circulation Review
  • Land Use Plan Amendment Review
Overpass construction site

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