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Projects Rolling Oaks Park

CGA designed a pedestrian trail within Rolling Oaks Park and through the surrounding neighborhood to connect the new trail in the park to an existing walking trail in the Dolphin Center Park, located 3/4-mile away. The design for the trail included new outdoor fitness stations, seating areas, and LED site lighting.

A study was conducted by CGA to determine the best route for the walkway through the neighborhood and what urban improvements would be needed. New crosswalks are being added along with a solar powered, on-demand pedestrian crossing signal where the trail leaves the park. A custom-designed way-finding signage program was developed for all of the trailhead signs, directional signs, and mile markers.

This afforded the City of Miami Gardens a unique opportunity for branding within the community. Besides determining the best route through the neighborhood, the CGA team had to carefully plan the route for the trail through the park so as to not disturb the hundreds of existing Live Oak trees on the site. Using GPS technology, the CGA team worked out the best route for the trail in the field, and then returned to the office to translate those points into the final alignment for the pathway.

In addition, the existing drainage permit for the site had to be modified for the trail improvements. These new drainage facilities also had to be carefully planned to avoid removing any trees. CGA also provided construction administration services for the project.