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Projects Miami Beach Recreational Corridor (MBRC)

The Miami Beach Recreational Corridor (MBRC), part of the Atlantic Greenway Network (AGN), exemplifies innovative landscape architecture, linking various parks and communities along Miami Beach’s coastline from Governors Cut to North Beach. This ADA-accessible, multi-modal trail enhances urban connectivity, community engagement, and environmental resilience. The project, integrating seamlessly into the urban fabric and historical context, aims to provide inclusive access and promote active transportation, thus contributing to the city’s resiliency and climate adaptation strategy.

The corridor is designed as a unifying space, accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters, thereby fostering community inclusivity, reducing traffic, and promoting healthier lifestyles. With carefully planned access points, it blends with existing infrastructure, enhancing the ease and safety of navigation. This effort marks a significant step in urban connectivity, harmonizing aesthetics, functionality, and environmental restoration along the coastal landscape of Miami Beach.

MBRC’s environmental commitment extends to coastal protection through dune restoration, playing a crucial role in storm surge defense and combating climate change impacts. This project sets a benchmark in multi-modal connectivity, community integration, and environmental stewardship, transforming the coastline into a vibrant, resilient recreational space.

More than just a pathway, MBRC resonates with Miami Beach’s rhythm, symbolizing sustainability, innovation, and the city’s unique identity.