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Service Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering Excavator

Improving Florida coasts with innovative specialists

Our multidisciplinary Waterfront team was formed to address a growing demand for planning, funding, and construction management with projects located in coastal zones.

With more than 300 professional staff members, CGA has the depth and capabilities to assist with waterfront development, utility services, water resources management, environmental assessment, mitigation, coastal structure design, and storm protection.

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Protecting and maintaining Florida waterfronts

Whether you’re designing and building a new facility for today’s rigorous environmental and building requirements, or extending access and infrastructure to a remote, sensitive, vulnerable coastal site, our team is up to the challenge.

CGA has a well-known reputation for successfully implementing our client’s visions and providing continuing support with all phases of a project. By maintaining a well-established working relationship with small businesses and specialty service subcontractors, we’re helping to re-establish and maintain the integrity of Florida’s coasts.

Coastal Engineering Services

  • Site Development Planning & Design
  • Working Waterfront Enhancement or Redevelopment
  • Project Funding Strategies (Including Grant Application & Management)
  • Public & Private Partnering
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Waterway Maintenance, Dredging & Spoil Management
  • Piers, Jetties, Bulkheads & Revetments
  • Marina Facilities Design and Business/Operations Planning
  • Liaison With Federal & State Environmental Agencies
  • Permitting
  • Storm Risk & Facilities Vulnerability Assessments
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Storm Wave & Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Beach & Inlet Management
  • Water Quality & Sediment Analyses
  • Bid & Award Phase Support
  • CEI & Construction Management Services
  • Underwater & Topside Inspections
  • Incident Response Modeling, Training & Support
  • Waterfront Security Assessments
South Beach aerial view

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