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Projects Planning and Zoning Hillsboro Beach, FL

Calvin, Giordano and Associates, Inc. (CGA) offers a range of planning and zoning services to the Town of Hillsboro Beach, combining technical proficiency with strategic insight. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive planning, meticulous site plan review, zoning plan analysis, and adept handling of development application reviews. We are particularly skilled in implementing the Land Development Code and engaging in long-range planning, ensuring that our solutions are both innovative and sustainable.

In addition, we extend our services to include transportation planning and engineering, functioning as a vital link for intergovernmental coordination with state and regional agencies, particularly in areas concerning roadway design and climate resiliency.

Currently, CGA is collaborating with the Town on critical updates to the Town’s Land Development Code. Our goal is to support the Town Commission in refining the Town’s vision, balancing the preservation of its small-town ambiance with judicious redevelopment. This involves modifications to the Code, focusing on modernizing its format and language to make regulations more accessible and easier to interpret for both residents and development professionals, thereby facilitating future development.

In early 2022, CGA played a pivotal role in the site plan review and approval process for an 11-acre, 100-unit redevelopment project. This initiative was notable for integrating multi-family development while conserving the environmentally sensitive land along the Town’s coastline. Additionally, our team is actively involved in providing technical expertise and coordinating with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on the critical task of redesigning and elevating A1A to address the challenges posed by sea level rise.