Broward County EOC Library Park Master Plan

In response to Broward County’s desire to reconfigure their Emergency Operation Center (EOC), CGA reconceptualized the spaces in between the various other buildings (including the County Courthouse and a branch of the County Library System) in the campus setup as a series of socialized spaces. These were sized and detailed to operate as event spaces to accommodate uses such as program uses that could be organized by the Library (book fairs, reading sessions, author-meets, etc.) or events that could be organized by greater community services, such as fresh food market, antique fair, and other such public-use events. Considerations for these were the quality and branding of the environment and embedding security features into the design so that the space could be defensible given the sensitive nature of the program uses of the various campus buildings. Lastly, access driveways and parking areas were detailed and conceived in manners that increased their flexibility of use and application, so that they could, on a low-intensity use period or during an event, could function as a use-area and not ‘feel’ like a road or parking lot.

Mills Pond Park

CGA was selected by the City of Fort Lauderdale to provide planning, design, and construction services for the addition of three new soccer and lacrosse fields at Mills Pond Park. The existing park had three lighted soccer fields, one un-lighted soccer field, and five lighted softball fields. The improvements to the park included three new fields and all associated sports lighting, drainage, and irrigation, as well as a future restroom/concession building, new parking, walkways, and landscaping. Working with the City and stakeholders, CGA prepared six (6) configuration options for bidding purposes per the City’s desire to see what layout would fit within their construction budget. The City ended up choosing the option with three (3) artificial turf fields and a future restroom. In addition, the City of Fort Lauderdale wanted to continue their emphasis on sustainability by incorporating green design principles such as LED sports lighting, innovative drainage solutions, permeable pavers, and Florida-friendly landscaping.

SW 2nd Avenue Streetscape Project

Our approach to this project is one that is inherently about urban design and space-creation. It is not simply a matter of beautification, but rather as the process of embedding the environment with value to take advantage of inherent, flexible opportunities. We believe that these, in turn, will animate socialization, celebrate the culture of place, and provide for a multi-functional framework. We seek to capture the human experience, including mood, atmosphere, color, sound, tactility, pleasure and light that characterizes the ethos of ‘place’ that lives at this intersection of:

  • Culture – with the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Museum of Discovery and Science, and the Esplanade Park,
  • Socialization – with the vibrant Himmarshee Street nightlife scene,
  • History – with the campus of historical buildings, including the Museum of History, Hoch Heritage Center, Philemon Bryan House, King-Cromartie House, and the Schoolhouse), and
  • Access and Connectivity – with the continuity of the Riverwalk as a major destination linking the various waterfront properties.

Our goal for this project is to provide a design solution that results in products that are resilient, innovative, creative, sensitive, inspiring, memorable, responsible, interpretive, comprehensive, imaginative and visionary. We will lead by design and lead with design.