Complete Streets Hollywood Blvd.

FDOT District 4; Complete Streets Hollywood Blvd. Project (from Hall Circle to Dixie Hwy.)

Project includes the reconstruction of Hollywood Blvd. (2 travel lanes in each direction) to improve drainage, addition of median, outside parallel parking, 6 feet wide bike lanes, construction of new 12 feet wide sidewalks, tree planters, new signalization system and new lighting system.

Campbell Drive

FDOT District 6; Campbell Drive Grouping; Project FM # 405575-6-52-01, 405575-7-52-01, 405575-8-52-01 (Project cost $16,353,016.96):

The Improvements under this Construction Contract consist of reconstruction of SR 998 (Campbell Drive) and SW 336 St (Davis Parkway) and milling and resurfacing along SR 9336 (Palm Dr.) from west of Krome Avenue to east of US-1, drainage improvements, highway lighting, and reconstruction of 8 signalized intersections. The project will create a bypass from Krome to US-1 and remove truck traffic from the Homestead Historic Downtown District. Responsibilities include coordinating with stakeholders in the project; interpreting contract documents (contract, special provisions, plans, etc.); coordinating between the engineer of record, contractor, and other affected parties; ensuring verification of testing and documentation required by FDOT specifications and procedures.

I95 Rigid Pavement

Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) is providing the Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services on I-95 rigid pavement replacement and emergency stopping sites (ESS) construction design-build contract in District Six. This includes the removal and reconstruction of all rigid pavement on I-95 from north of NW 29th Street to north of 79th street, the removal of existing asphalt shoulders within the project limits, replacement of the existing asphalt shoulders with 10.5” thick concrete rigid pavement, milling and resurfacing of entrance and exit ramps between NW 29th street and NW 79th street, replacement of the existing guardrail within the project limits to meet the latest standards, replacement of five (5) existing bridge traffic railings; to meet the latest standards and crash testing requirements, reconstruction of bridge approach slabs on 22 bridges, minor signalization improvements at the ramps, replacement of existing express lanes delineators, upgrading the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) cameras and poles, and signing and pavement markings improvements.

The project also includes the construction of 13’-4” Express Lanes Emergency Stopping Sites at 5 locations (2 in the SB direction and 3 in the NB direction) from NW 62nd St. to NW 131st St. The construction of the stopping sites will be accomplished by removing the existing concrete median barrier wall and concrete pavement, then widening the adjacent slab by 5’-5”. This includes the removal and replacement of existing drainage structures, the installation of new shoulder inlets with 15” drainage pipe in the median to address ponding issues at the 5 ESS Sites. CGA will be responsible for the maintenance of the roadway, the impacted ramps, and frontage roads. This maintenance will include but is not limited to, delineator replacement, incident management, lighting, landscape, pothole repairs, and ITS maintenance from the time the existing ITS equipment is switched with the new equipment. The ESS Sites are substantially complete and are open to the public.

South Florida DMS Improvement and Replacement

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise; South Florida DMS Improvement and Replacement; Project FM # 435605-7-52-01:

Consists of the construction of new ADMS structures and demolition of existing units along the approach streets to Sawgrass Expressway, Homestead exits at 288 Street and 137 Avenue, and Lake Worth Road. New CCTV poles will be installed with ITS cabinets with transfer switch and generator pads. The project also consists of fiber installation using open trench and directional bore, splicing new power services, and replacement of Large walk-in DMS units over the Turnpike mainline.